Bees are considered excellent biological indicators, because their presence indicates the goodness of the territory in which they live. In fact, the high rate of pesticides and fungicides at first poisons, then kills them all. This is the reason why they are increasingly disappearing from the countryside.

Our bees live, fly and produce honey in hives located right next to our vineyard. We chosed this arrangement because it provides benefits to the vineyards, the ecosystem and the bees themselves. In fact, bees, flying between the rows, are responsible for the pollination of grape flowers ; at the same time the flowers themselves feed the bees, then they go to the hive and produce their honey. This makes a great balance within our ecosystem, because it increases birth rate’s bee and honey production. Then expert beekeepers collect the honey from the hives in the vineyards and those located next to some eucalyptus, they repackage it in glass jars and so it’s produced varieties of Wildflower Honey and Eucalyptus Honey.

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