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The Onorati’s family has produced wine since 1956. Wines of character, traditional, great expressions of the land and the seasons; wines that change with the change of climate, but keep well clear sign of a long family tradition in wine production and showing intact the love for the land and for the its product more authentic. Piancerese the way, which leads to the vineyards, through an ancient land, rich in Etruscan ruins, coasts tuff and limestone. Beautiful, rugged hills that slope down to the sea and the marine Caeretan feel the beneficial climate: here the seasons are never hot or cold weather and microclimate is ideal for vines. You do not need treatment exasperated: here you just go along time, to respect nature and help her with gestures full of ancient wisdom. There are six acres dedicated to vineyards, planted in rows. Here the traditional varieties of the area, such as Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Trebbiano and Malvasia vines alternate with “new”, Cabernet, Syrah, Chardonnay, which are best expressed in our land and volcanic tuff. The workmanship is of the traditional type (selection of grapes, hand picked grapes, soft pressing), but we have optimized the fermentation with the use of steel.

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  • Lazio IGT Bianco

  • Lazio IGT Cabernet

  • Lazio IGT Chardonnay

  • Lazio IGT Malvasia Puntinata

  • Lazio IGT Merlot

  • Lazio IGT Moscato

  • Lazio IGT Rosso

  • Lazio IGT Syrah

  • Lazio IGT Vermentino

  • Duca di Ceri Bianco