Lazio IGT Moscato

Grapes: Moscato Giallo 100%
Area of production: Cerveteri IGT area
Vineyard surface: 0,30 ha
Vineyard altitude: 200-300 meters
Soil: volcanic origin, good structure
Implant System: Guyot
Planting Density of the vines: 3000-4500 has
Yield of grapes into wine: 70-75 q / ha
Harvesting period: late August
Vinification: white
Fermentation: stainless steel
Alcohol: 13.00% vol.

Made by local varieties of Muscat grapes ready for ripening , it’s fermented at a low temperature so as not to disperse the strong aromas . It has Yellow gold colour, intense and persistent , due to the characteristics of the grape , a sweet , fruity and intense perfume , with scents of nutmeg , cedar wood and grapefruit . Ideal with desserts in general , cheeses and meats and spicy foods.

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